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 Entering the cathedral…

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Selenia Spawn


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PostSubject: Entering the cathedral…   Mon 21 Nov à 15:25

Selenia entered the cathedral. No living souls were there…

*This place is so lonely…* She thought. *…But very beautiful…*

She looked at the angell statues that were surrounding the place… Beautiful white marble statues… Ancient artifacts…

Selenia took a few steps and sat down on the first bench… The silence was so heavy… She looked at the crusifix…

*I'll never understand this… Why do they put suffering infront of everones eyes? Why shall we pray to a man suffering to death on a crusifix? Why? Isn't there enough suffering in the world?*

She looked closer on the face of the man…

*He was brave… Didn't even make a sign of suffer on his face… He was… happy… He took all his people to freedom… But the other wouldn't listen… "sight"*
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Entering the cathedral…
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