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 My presentation... have fun reading ^^

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Vivian N

PostSubject: My presentation... have fun reading ^^   Fri 2 Sep à 1:03

Last Name : No last name is available (For more information, please read History)

First Name: Night

Mental: Most of the time people will see Night as a cheerful, hyper, innocent little girl who knows nothing of the horror happening in the world, but those very few people that came close to befriending her will knowledge the intelligence and twisted logic that is hidden behind the mask. Once she puts her mind to something, she can display self-discipline and staying power, working stoically to achieve her goals - no matter the cost. May become merciless, obsessive, and manipulative. Night also run the risk of displaying destructive, and revengeful behavior, which confirms her radical all-or-nothing approach to life. One should not corner Night for she can, and probably will, get extremely violent. Suicidal.
Also seem to have an obsession with guys nodding their heads... and food. cherry

Physical Appearance: Night is a girl around the age 14/15, she have raven-colored hair, black eye color, pale skinned due her dislike of the sun, so resulting with not enough time under it. Gothic look when not pretending to be the innocent clueless girl. Clothing? Black everything, including gloves, cloak, etc.

Favorite Weapon: Other than small daggers hidden on the body for emergencies, the main weapon for the time being is a Chinese sword which can be carried on one’s back, and stay hidden until when needed. However, when all else fails, Night will always have her flute to defend herself with (The Chinese one-piece bamboo flute that is not fragile like the western ones)

Abilities: Excellent sword-fighting skills, and dagger-throwing abilities. Can be quick in combat. Depending on her mood, Night may have the stomach of a wolf (which may, or may not be a good thing). Her playing skills on the flute is... good. Any other abilities is unknown/undiscovered.

Distinguishing mark: Attracted to the darkness.

History: Any information between the years of Night’s birth to when she is around 13 years old is unknown to even herself, so naturally, she have no last name, and all her other names are self-made. She emerged as a bounty hunter in China two years ago. Completely working alone. The only indication she gave to people that she was the one who committed the crimes was the name “Tigerclaw” written upon a note on the scene. After a year of the “job”, Night got tired of all the complications involved, so she traveled to Europe with the large amount of money obtained from her “job”. Wishing for a bit of peaceful times, she rented a room at a random inn. Currently unemployed because she have no need for more money.

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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Welcome   Fri 2 Sep à 1:33

Welcome here Night, its really a nice character there, who know what you will be?

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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PostSubject: Re: My presentation... have fun reading ^^   Sat 3 Sep à 6:10

nice tiger claw
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PostSubject: Re: My presentation... have fun reading ^^   

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My presentation... have fun reading ^^
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