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 My Presentation, I hope it interests you.

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PostSubject: My Presentation, I hope it interests you.   Thu 8 Sep ŕ 8:11

Last Name: D`Auvergne

First Name: Zedeki

Mental: Zedeki is quite the lady's man. He's got good looks to help with that. He doesn't really care for other people's feelings though, he's willing to hurt them if he must; but perfers to just stay away from them emotionally. The one person he cares most about would be his closest friend, he would consider her as a younger sister, Zikku. He goes so far as to buy her dolls or teddy bears to make up every time he visits her (or makes her angry). He might even seem way overprotective of her, but she makes sure that he stays in line. He is more clever than what he lets others to believe.

Physical Apperearence: Not the tallest man on earth, but holds his chin up high. He is 6' 3''. His body structure isn't that of a total muscle man, but he is stonger than what he looks. His face is structured nicely, and is thought of as handsome. He likes to wear old fashioned clothing, perferably red velvet jackets and a nice, black hat to match. Zedeki has straight black hair that is at a medium length. It is often seen as brown or dark red in the light. His eyes are a magnificent grey in colour.

Favorite Weapon: Zedeki enjoys to collect many different types of poisons; he'll even mix up a few to make his own. He also carries a red and black cane with him as a walking stick. He often uses it when fighting, but if he looses it; he can always depend on his fists and kicks.

Abilities: Zedeki is pretty much your average guy; his only special ability is that he is an advanced martial artist. His other, non-noticed ability is that death and destruction just seem to follow him everywhere he goes.

Distinguishing Mark: If he killed somebody directly, a blood-tainted cross inside of an oval will appear as a tattoo on the corpse's chest. You can also pick him out of a crowd easily by his sense of fashion. When in conversation with him, his cocky attitude will surely be noticed quickly.

History: He grew up in northern Europe with his parents. He met Zikku when she was only 5 years old; and he's adopted her as his dear, little sister ever since. His family was very rich. His father died from a car accident when he was 13 years old. When his mother died of a diesease after his 19th birthday, he inheirted everything. He continually asks Zikku to live with him so he could keep her safe from the outside world, but she keeps denying his offer. Finally she disappears from their little town, and he follows her, which leads them to the dark city of Prague.
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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Welcome   Thu 8 Sep ŕ 21:46

Interesting character... hum i wonder what will happen with you... be careful... you might not survive

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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My Presentation, I hope it interests you.
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