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PostSubject: sephira   Thu 1 Sep 22:19

Twisted Evil Last name: Itari

First name: Sephira

Physical: human. standing approximately 5'8" in height, an average size for a girl her age, and weighing seven and a half stone. Half starved as most girls in this day and age she is quite light. Long black hair with natural red streaks in the winter and sapphire blue eyes. pale skin, a true english rose. no special particular clothes but for the purple cloak (See history)

Mental: A genius but not known for it, as women are useless as thinkers. Quick to react when cornered and perfectly independant. Strong willed but not violent; she is someone not to be messed with. Her words are sharp and witty and her charm can melt any man. not a great carer for the human species, she wishes she could be a vampire or a werewolf.

Faverouite weapon: Not really one for violence, therefor she does not have much need for a pleasure weapon. she does however carry a small knife with a chinese dragon carved on the hilt. the sheath is hidden in her corset, where she can reach and nobody else can. The knife came from an assasin whom her father killed. he gave her the knife for protection but forbade her to use it on any man he assighned her. She of course was never caught disobeying her fathers orders.

Abilities: Sephira loves music and therefor has a special talent in it. She can play piano, flute and violin beautifully. Her music has been known to charm the birds down from the trees. She has not got many abilities in combat but for her incredibally quick wits and knife skills. Her other talent is art. She loves to paint landscapes and seascapes. many of them have fetched a decent price on the market.

Distinguishing mark: Sephira bears a birthmark on her right shoulder. a small shadow that looks likea fang. When she was young, her fathers personal medic stated she was destined to be a vampire but her father, as a slayer, would hear none of it. She was never allowed to show that mark to the public so she is not often seen in revealing outfits for that reason. Also, she has a claw wound on her left ankle from when she was five years old. A werewolf invaded the mansion and she was scratched, but not severely enough to draw blood. Her physical or mental state was not affected at all.

History: sxiteen years old, quite young but also quite old for a single woman. Engaged to a young man, a duke from wales (After many arguments with her father on the subject). The daughter of a famous slayer (Drake Itari) who was recently killed by a vampire.all his fortune went to the womans fiance (obviously planned by the duke himself). The slayer was an incredibally wealthy man. Sephira lives alone in his mansion untill the day the young duke decides to collect her. Her mother died giving birth to her. She only had one thing to leave her; a purple velvet cloak which she treasured dearly. Sephira never takes it off. Though the young duke from wales supports her fully, Sephira prefers to work for her money. she sells flowers in and around the town square. Most all of the locals know her by sight but never by name. she often keeps to herself. she enjoys the rain and the snow and despises the light. Accused of being a witch but proven innocent. Often described as wolf-like. Quiet..untill cornered.
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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Message From Villius Valya   Thu 1 Sep 22:23

Welcome Sephira, you've a interesting character, i wonder what you will be.

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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PostSubject: Re: sephira   Fri 2 Sep 0:13

Hello Welcome Here^^

PS: Nice Story Wink
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PostSubject: Re: sephira   

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