Dark Heaven

Midnight Fantasies
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PostSubject: hiding   Sun 18 Sep 22:39

sephire went into the back room after tailing the vampire and lay down on an old tatty bed. she did not bother with covers as it was a warm night. she mumbled moodily at her failure to follow him. *perhaps tomorrow i will pay a visit on the lycans... no, better leave that to the professionals. lycans are known for their brutality. I shall stick to vampires for now* she though, rolling onto her side and staring at the wall. Her mind wandered to her husband-to-be who would surely by now have reached the manor. the only choice she had now if she wanted to escape him was to find a place in prague which would be friendly to stay at. the opera house seemed fine enough but it was a little cold. she did not trust the last night residence as she might not come out of the place alive. But where else was there? a lady of her calibur could certainly not sleep on the streets. Well she would hide at the opera untill a suggestion came...if a suggestion came.
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PostSubject: Re: hiding   Tue 20 Sep 22:20

sephira went to the cemetary then returned with a hostage. she tied arisa up to the rafters hanging in the air, her feet a few inches from the ground. *this will surely attract a lot of vampires and werewolves. come get her guys, and i will get you* "don't worry miss, you won't be harmed. you are part of an elaborate plan to dispose the world of evil"
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