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 Keith Roach

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Keith Ro

PostSubject: Keith Roach   Sun 11 Sep 18:47

First Name: Keith

Last Name: Roach

Mental: Keith is normaly alone. This solitude make him a very mysterious vampire. He hate lays and orders and can be violent and scary if someone insult him. But terefore, he can be gentle, charmed and charismatic with this friends and and anybody was good with him. Keith talk only in he need to say something and he's never says no to a little friendly combat, only for the fun.

Physical Apperearence: Keith is 1m 75cm man. He have dark hairs and night black eyes. He's always wear black clothes under a black vest. He's have two arms tatoo and a steel ring in the fourth finger of this right hand, symbol of this ancien familly. When he walk, he walk silently everytime and on every type of floor

Favorite Weapon: Many combat knifes and throwing knifes

Abilities: Keith was expert in martial-art, he have a good physical strenght and a spectacular swiftness and agility. He can also see the heat of everyting hot (fire, body...)

Distinguishing mark: Keith have a personal manner to say this emotions to the others. He like giving rose to everyone he know. If he give youa red rose, it's because Keith have some romantic ideas on you. If he give you blue rose, it's to says "you are my friend now". But if he give you a black rose, it's because you are this next victim.

History: Keith was born in a ancien and secret familly of mercenary, assassin's and seducer's. He have a very beauteful childhood. This parent teach to Keith the martial-arts and the light armed combat. He, this two brothers and this sister was very attached for each other. In this 25 years old birthday, Keith receive a special gith for this father. A pair of combat knifes in silver. This night, before when he go sleeping, this father say him " It's a dark time now, my son. The shadow are ready to rule the world, and if they come to you, you need that on your belt." this time, Keith doesn't know if he trust or not this father, but at midnight, Keith was be brutaly awake by cry and stranges and scary. He take this clothes, this knifes belt and this two new silver combat knifes and run to the first floor of this house and, he see with horror, all this familly be mortally morderred under this eyes by a troop of bloody Lycans. Totally invade by the rage, Keith take this silver's blades and slayed without mercy all the beasts of finally run on the forest where he was be find by a vampire and they have pity for Keith. Completly desaspired, Keith say to the vampire to becaume a vampire he too. The next nignt, Keith was become a vampire and this mentor explain the rule of the vampire immortality and he live in shadow. Now, Keith is one of the mercenary and assassins the most respected ans scared of the city of Prague and he need always to finish this personnal objective, kill all the Lycan one and forever .
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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Welcome   Sun 11 Sep 20:33

Well welcome here. Its a nice character and thanks for understanding the rules.

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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Keith Ro

PostSubject: Re: Keith Roach   Sun 11 Sep 23:10

Yeah, I know, i just be stupid... Anyway... I need to find a avatar.

A little question, who can I change of human to Vampire on this site?
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PostSubject: Re: Keith Roach   

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Keith Roach
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