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 Information Kiosk

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PostSubject: Information Kiosk   Sun 26 Nov ŕ 17:35

The woman at the front desk greets you with a smile.

"Welcome, visitor, to the local bank! My name is Miss Lyreal and I work here at the front desk of the bank. Here in the bank, you can view the money in your account, but rest-assure you, you cannot tamper with it. Only an administrator can mess with your account. Hacking will not be tolerated."

Miss Lyreal shuffles some papers in her hands then sets them aside. Her attention turns back to you.

"All right, here is how your money is displayed. First, it will say your total amount. Then, it will say how much is in your bank account (it cannot be stolen because another copy is stored on Zikku's computer hard-drive and has to be updated separately). Finally, it will say how much you have in your pocket. See? Isn't it easy?"

Miss Lyreal giggles at the simplicity of it all and then continues.

"If you need help, just contact an administrator, preferably the one that runs the bank, Zikku. If you would like to manually come to the bank in the game, then just join the topic (or create it if there isn't one already by this name) called The Front Desk."

She opens the drawer to her left and pulls out a little blue card. Miss Lyreal smiles and then hand it to you gently.

"Here, if you ever exchange money with another NPC (non-playable character) or another player, then report the post to the administration and they'll edit your account(s) to be shown correctly. Now enjoy your game!"

Miss Lyreal bid you farewell with a simple wave gesture of the hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Information Kiosk   Sun 26 Nov ŕ 17:51

Player Accounts

All money from jobs are imported directly into your protected account. Any money that is brought with you when you start is automatically registered as "in your pocket." Make sure to set up an account with Zikku when you register.

Player's Name
Total gold (+ gold From Job)
Gold In Account
Gold In Your Pocket


TOTAL= 200g (+ 100g per show)
BANK= 150g

TOTAL= 140g (+ 70g per show)
BANK= 100g

Vincent Valius
TOTAL= 120g (+ 60g)
BANK= 80g
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Information Kiosk
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