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PostSubject: Estrella   Thu 30 Mar ŕ 15:38

Last Name : Luthar

First Name: Estrella

Mental: Estrella is a very self-confident person. She will scan others around her before interacting with them, or if she has no other choice, will scan while talking to this other person. She likes to find the slightest details in someone's physical or mental, or in objects. Before attacking her victims, she likes to play with them but never tortures them before feeding. She believes that if a soul is mutilated before death, vengeance will come upon her. Estrella has never really liked men, apart from her Vampiric Master, since one of them that lived in her village had killed her mother. But, she loves to make men think that she is interested, that she loves them ... a very good actress she is, and temptress. Also, Estrella devoted her life to killing lycans as they are her arch enemies. She despises these creatures ...

Physical Apperearence: Estrella has long, waving, dark hair and brilliant, lightning-blue eyes. While inside her mansion, she wears a long and dark cloak and belt around her waist. But when she leaves her house, she will wear a long, dark skirt that flows in the wind; a black corset; a leather band around her uper arm of the same lacking color. Estrella always keeps her cloak. Although Estrella looks in her twenties, she is 356 years old.

Favorite Weapon: Estrella carries with her the one weapon that was made especially for her. Her vampiric master had ordered a weapon of the sort and gave it to her as a present. Estrella had added to the black, leathering hilt a red ribbon that her mother used to always wear in her hair. Being in the years 1370, there would be no way to bring the blades out of their hilt. And so, Estrella keeps one end of her double-bladed sword inside its scabbard. The other end is facing downward as the hilt stays attached to its belt that Estrella locks on her chest.

Abilities: Estrella has the ability to find all the emotions in someone's eyes. Being a half-blood vampire, her powers are still to be discovered and worked, although she has finally mastered her lightspeed and reading minds after 332 years of vampirisity. She has yet to be able to hover and climb walls.

Distinguishing mark: Estrella is recognized for her astonishing beauty and sharp, blue eyes. Men like vampires are easily tempted.

History: I was born in 1019, in a world filled with war and violence that my parents had a hard time taking care of me. I had not the time to come to know my father as he was murdered when I was nearing my second month of existence. I barely remember my childhood. Some memories come to me at night, like the time I dreamt that my mother woke up in her bed. Searching for my father she climbed down the wooden stairs and crossed her arms from the chilling wind seeping under the front door. She made way to the chimney and pulled up her white, nightgown before kneeling before the tiny fire. She added more wood, pulling back her curling, black hair so it would not burn. She stood up once more when she thought the fire was big enough to last the winter night. She glanced around the room, being the kitchen and dining room. It was all that could fit in this small, wooden-made house. She jumped suddenly when something very heavy fell to the ground and the front door was knocked open, now only ajar. She carefully walked to the door and opened it completely, welcoming the light of the moon inside her kitchen. Before her, laying in the snow was a man she recognized too well. She screamed, awakening the entire village.

This dream haunted my dreams for years, and never did I talk about it to my mother, afraid she might regret speaking of my father. I was now eleven years old, and some of the kids in the village went to school at the church. But it was not important for my mother and I to give me an education. My mother had not the money either. The town baker helped my mom and I to survive without a man bringing back money every day. She gave him "sevices", but she would never tell me what it was that she really did. I did not press the matter.

Now 24 years old, I worked at the Bakery and earned a good salary. It was my turn to take care of my mother. It was not long after my mother got sick that the baker promised to pay for her healing if I were to marry him. I refused, watching the three chins wobble when he yelled of anger at me and threatened that he would make sure my mother died from her decease faster than we thought. Fear and anger filled my heart as I tried helplessly to protect my mother. He somehow got to her in my back and poisoned her. She died twenty-four hours after a terrible night of extreme torture and ache. That same night, I promised to destroy the man who had done this to my mother. But something held me back. A man approached me while I made my way to the baker's house. His face was pale and his skin colder than ice.

"What do you want?" I asked him, my eyes scanning deep inside his eyes for his intentions. I saw nothing. No emotions, no heart ... just emptyness.

"How do you intend to get away with his murder, child?" the man questioned. I did not answer, not knowing what to say. "Give me your hand and walk with me. Put away that knife, it will come of no use to you agaisnt me. I will not harm you." He smiled at me, but I accepted the man's offer. He put my arm around his and we walked into the park, away from civilization. We sat on a bench and looked to the sky. "If you were given the gift of eternal life, how would you spend this lifetime?"

I searched in his eyes for something, but found no comfort. I replied: "I have no use for eternal life. It will not help me get revenge."

"If I help you to destroy this mortel, what would you give me in exchange?"

"Anything you want ..." I responded, finally seeing hope at my mother's avengeance.

"Very well. Stay, and wait for me here."

"What will you do? I want to come! I want to feel his last heartbeat in the palm of my hands!"

"Very well, his last heartbeat you will have. But stay here!" And he left swiftly, disippearing in the night's light fog creeping over the vines and between the trees and leaves. The darkness was chilling my feet to the spot. I could not move, and yet I wanted to run from something that made me really nervous. But curiousity held me back. The man returned only moments later, carrying something in his hands. It was as though he was not touching the ground at all, but more like hovering above it. Perhaps, I thought, it was only an illusion of the fog. Yes, I was persuaded it was.

"Here" he said. I lifted my hands and he dropped something wet and sticky in my palms. Before I had a chance to see what it was, I felt it pulse once, twice ... It was the baker's heart! I screemed, dropping the element to the dirty ground. "Yes," the man said, "That's where he belongs. Especially after what he did to you and your mother. Not to mention your father as well."

"What?" I asked, completely bewildered and a bit dizzy.

"Yes ... the dream you keep having. It was the baker who butchered him to get to your mother. Her services to him were sensual and sick!"

"Why are you telling me this?" I cried, now fearing the man before me.

"Now I will take what you owe me ..."

"I owe you nothing! Over my dead body shall I ..." But I had not the time to finish.

"As you wish!" He leaped on me with sharp, wolf fangs and drank at my blood. My head was twisting in a whirlwind of darkness ... and then, there was nothing.

I awoke as something new. My master taught me many o'things and the abilities I would acquire over the years of my immortal life. I trained hard, but being a half-blood, my powers did not grow exponentially nor quickly. It took me over 150 years to be able to move at lightspeed. But what I really wanted to do was hover over the ground. It took me another 182 years to master the mind reading and exploit my ancient ability: finding the heart, the emotions in someone's eyes. I travelled in many countries and seen all kinds of religions. During this time, I stayed close to my Master, not wishing to find any independance like a normal, new-born vampire would. It was my Master who sent me away to discover on my own. And now, here I find myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Estrella   Thu 30 Mar ŕ 20:40

This is a lovely presentation, you are accepted my dear.

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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