Dark Heaven

Midnight Fantasies
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 Must... resist...

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Selenia Spawn


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PostSubject: Must... resist...   Thu 23 Mar ŕ 4:32

'Hmmm... So this is where that blood odour came from...'

*No! No, Selenia! You can't! You cannot feed on children! You became what you are to seek revenge! Not to slaughter people!*

Mother slaughter... That's what she became... Selenia looked at the kids. Joyful creatures hopping around... She transformed herself back into a human and stepped into the park. Selenia approached a swing and sat on it. She let the wind move her forward and backward. Not much, but it was relaxing. Selenia closed her eyes and began to sing a beautiful melody... The kids were gone... She wasn't hearing them anymore...
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Must... resist...
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