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 Counter Clockwise...

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Selenia Spawn


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PostSubject: Counter Clockwise...   Sun 19 Mar ŕ 4:06

Selenia was still in her lycan form. She was here to forget... She was here to not know anymore... She came here, at this precise place, to always hear the ticking of the giant clock... So she can be concious that the time is passing... Her mother used to tell her: ''Time passed, you'll forget!''. Selenia was here because when she heard the constant ticking, she knew that the time was passing... She knew she was forgetting...

She morphed back into a human. A girl who was once Selenia...

Nox flew on her right shoulder and looked at her.

'Yes, Nox... I know...'

The crow made an embarassed sound as he turned his head towards the clock... Selenia looked at it. Strangely, the clock was working... counter clockwise... Did it mean something? Did the... time... wanted Selenia to know something?

She heard steps coming from downstairs. Selenia transformed herself just a bit: the ears fangs, claws and tail of the werewolf grew on her boddy. She crawled behind a pile of rusted pipes of metal... hearing the ticking and the steps at the same time... Nox took wing and posted himself on one of the highest wooden beams.
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Counter Clockwise...
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