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 Marie-Esther High school legend

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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Marie-Esther High school legend   Sun 12 Feb ŗ 6:43

The Marie-Esther High School is build over a mic mac village (Indian) and also over a cemetery made by French people who came here (after the mic mac). The sorcerer of the mic mac village use to kill some young child for unknown reason. The only reason that we know that, itís because some people found mic mac object and some mic mac child skeleton at some place in Shippagan (the town where the school is). When they build the school, they removed the tomb stone but not the body, so the school is over some corps.

In the school, at night time, around midnight, maybe more around 1 in the morning, when you walk in the alley, when you go in the auditorium, you might see a ghost of a mic mac kid. Thereís one in the auditorium and some in the alley where thereís the computer room.

They mostly appear quickly, when you turn around, you can blink and they disappear. They can appear in a window, at the end of the alley, thereís one in a department. When they are sitting somewhere, for example a desk, if some documents were all over the desk, where it was sitting, the documents or anything who was there, will be somewhere else. The ghost doesnít move, they donít talk and they are just there.

Once myself and two of my friend walked in front of the computer room, it was around 2 in the morning, we was there for an improvising tournament. When we walked in front of the computer room, the computers where turned all on. No one was in there, the door was locked and they were all turned off before that. Once a photocopy machine was printing blank sheet for no reason, it was printing until it ran out of sheet and was still trying to print. For the photocopy machine, maybe someone tried to print a lot of blank sheet; itís possible, maybe itís no ghost, but what about the computer in the computer room? Another thing is security camera. Thereís no timer on our camera, they are on 24/7 but sometimes, some get turn off, nothing appear in the screen for a while and when it get back on, you can clearly see that time passed and it got simply nothing except a big blank.

This is the legend of Marie-Esther High School, it sound unreal, but itís a true story, now its up to you if you want to believe in it or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Marie-Esther High school legend   Sun 19 Mar ŗ 18:09

wow, sounds fun.... want to spend the night there? Very Happy
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Marie-Esther High school legend
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