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Midnight Fantasies
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Villius Valya
Pure Blood Vampire

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PostSubject: LOGO CONTEST   Wed 4 Jan ŕ 17:58

Hello every artist of Dark Heaven, me, Villius Valya, is the creator of this contest. What you will have to do is creat a new logo for the forum, cause as all of you can see, this one isn't so great. The logo shall be big enough and must represent Dark Heaven. So everyone who is interested in it, you can submit your logo here!

Good luck to every artist

Villius Valya

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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PostSubject: Re: LOGO CONTEST   Thu 2 Feb ŕ 20:20

you looser, you just made a new one and put in on there loool

great, now I'll have to change the ad on my piczo site =/
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