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Midnight Fantasies
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 The'll see...

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Liliana Spawn

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PostSubject: The'll see...   Wed 4 Jan ŕ 3:56

Liliana was sat on a big rock, her feet in the night blue water. Balkan was not far from there, on the soft green grass. Liliana was watching the horizon, beyond the lake. She put a hand on her bare back and felt the huge scars that the werewolf claws at left.

*A little souvenir from this lycan...*

Her angerness was becoming more higher.

*But he'll see...I'll find him back, and he will pay...*

She remebered how she had escape from death. She had been so close from it, more then every other time. The moon was now high in the sky as she was lost in her thoughs.
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Selenia Spawn


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PostSubject: ...   Sun 19 Mar ŕ 3:36

The werewolf crawled behind the twisted tree... She looked at Liliana with her moonish eyes. God, she wanted to give her a hug and ask her if everything was alright... but she felt so guilty...

Selenia herd a slow growling behind her...

'Balcan! Oh, how I'm glad to see that you're still watching on her...'

She put her finger on her mouth, telling silently at Balcan to be quiet... The hound understood and sat down close to the lycan.

Selenia sighed. Every seconds she was thinking of transforming herself back into a human and sit next to her sister to have a long chat... But she didn't knew how to tell her... She didn't knew how she'd react... She, the one who knew her better, the one who knew all her secrets... She didn't knew how... Selenia stayed there and stared at her sister sadly...
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The'll see...
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