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 Call vampires

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PostSubject: Call vampires   Sun 1 Jan ŕ 0:26

After the long and painful reunion, under the powerful sun, on the Dock #5 at Melnik Port, Nathaniel looked at the list on which all the people present to this reunion were insribed. Well, by people, he means, lycans and humans because, as it was already said, no full or half vampires, just like Nathaniel's father, can endure that ache. Happily, Nathaniel was just quarter vampire so, he endured the pain not so bad.
He looked at the list of the reunion and at teh other one, on which every registred Prague's citizens. Then, all the peopel that were absent at his reunion, as he supposed it, were automaticly considered as a vampire.
He made the list of all the vampires or half-vampires of the city and wrote a letter to Villius Valya, one of teh highest vampire.

Here the letter:

"Dear vampire, brother of blood,

I'm now the King's intendant, and, by the way, his only confidant. So, I would you to come and see me, in the Castle, room #4 (enter in the Castle, turn left then rigth and you'll see a door, push it and you'll enter in the room #4), next Tuesday, before the dawn. The reason why you should come at a such reunion is that I have plans for you, vampires. Soon, the King will die and I'm gonna be the next King, right after him so, I would like to institute a bloody reign on Prague, for that every vampire could finally live free, as he (or she) should. Even if I'm just a bastard, according to you, well, I'm maybe a bastard, at least I admit it and that doesn't stop me in my plans so, I guess, you, full blood vampire, could at least take a look at my reunion. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,

Nathaniel, King's intendant"
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Call vampires
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