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 Can I see Your Majesty?

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PostSubject: Can I see Your Majesty?   Thu 29 Dec 4:30

Nathaniel stopped running when the castle was enough near to see guards everywhere. When one of them approach Nathaniel, he asked:

- Excuse me, can I see Your Majesty, please?

Nathaniel was VERY polite... Even if he was one of the high aristocratic's members!

The guardian of the castle looked a few minutes at Nathaniel and then, asked slowy:

- Well... I suppose you're sir Flitz, right?

- Right!, answered Nathaniel rapidly, wanting to finished this useless conversation as fast as he can to talk to the King.

- Then, you can enter in the castle!

- Alright, said Nathaniel, passing through the crowd of guards and arisctocrats.
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PostSubject: Re: Can I see Your Majesty?   Thu 29 Dec 22:32

Entering in Prague's Castle, Nathaniel took a look around him. All was so beautiful, he can't pass without a look! Silver and gold chairs fit with the walllpapers, sofas made in a rare kind of silk, large window let pass light... Well, it was very illuminate so, Nathaniel had difficulties to support it but because he was a quarter-vampire, he supported it better than a full or half-vampire!

Then, after checking few marvelous rooms, he entered in the one for which he was here, the King's room.

He pushed the doors, walked and, arriving in the middle of the room, he prostated himself in front of the King.

- Your Majesty, after almost ten years of loyal and good services, I would like to be your intendant. You don't have any sons or daugthers. It is impossible to you and to your wife. So, because I'm one of the highest aristocrats, I submit my candidature to be the next King.

- You' re right, I can't refuse your candidature. I don't have any sons or daugthers and you are one of thehighest aristocrats. You're loved by the people, especially by the young girls!

The King started laughing and then, he continued:

- I can't refuse your candidature, sure...
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PostSubject: Re: Can I see Your Majesty?   Fri 30 Dec 15:12

Nathaniel understood at that moment that the King won't let him be the next King because the he probably didn't want any other "next King".

- You don't want me to be your intendant, right, asked Nathaniel.

- That's right. But don't tak it personnaly... I just... Don't want any other King after me... I jsut, don't want to think about it. I know, I'm old, I don't have chidlren as I should and... I know... That is time for me to let my place to somebody but, not now... Maybe in two months? Maybe in one year? or five?

- As long as you promise that I will be your intendant, the next King, it's okay with me.

- That's okay with me too! So... I have to promise.. Okay... I promise that Nathaniel Flitz, sir Flitz, will be the next King, right after me!

Then, after prostated himself in front of the King, Nathaniel get out of the room.

He should announce that at his father and... his mother... But especially to the villagers, the farmers and all the people in the City of Prague! Well... Not all the people... Just lycans and humans... But how to reunite them all? Nathaniel had his own idea to how make that possible... He will anounce a long, long, long reunion on the Melnik Port, by a sunny, of 5 hours... It's totally impossible for a full-vampire to endure that... But, a half-vampire like him can endure so, his plan will be perfectly executed! And why just lycans and humans? Nathaniel wasn't very appreciated by the vampires so, for his life, he cut the links that he had with them. But now, he would probably be like by every vampire! He will be the next King! It will be the moment to institute a bloody reign with vampires!
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PostSubject: Re: Can I see Your Majesty?   

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Can I see Your Majesty?
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