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Midnight Fantasies
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 Searching for a book... No, for a crown!

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PostSubject: Searching for a book... No, for a crown!   Wed 28 Dec ŕ 3:44

Nathaniel ran until he reached the library and entered in, looked around him and went to see for the ancient book he was looking for. He walked in the library a few minutes, not more, not less, and then, he saw the book which he had to find.

- I got it... The plans of the Prague's castle... Now, I can fix my plans and improve them. No suppositions anymore! Just, truth! My new plans for my new crown! Got it!

Then, after whispring that to himself, he took the book and sat on a chair, which had a table in front of. He put the book on it, took papers of his bag and started transcribe Prague's Castle's plans on his sheets.

Finishing his transcribing, he put the book at his own place and started thinking of how he will get the King's crown.

- Now, it's easier to take the crown: I've got plans, some crazy ideas, I'm a noble, friend and confident of the King, I'm also rich, distinguish... One more thing and all will be set!

He quitted as suddenly as he entered the library. Then, he started again running to somewhere... Maybe the castle? Yeah... The castle!
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Searching for a book... No, for a crown!
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