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PostSubject: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Fri 9 Dec 18:29


~*Ladies and Germs,*~
Once Again, I will be conducting a DRAWING Contest. All submissions must be drawn by YOU, and you are not allowed to submit someone elses drawing for them, they must submit it for themselves if they want to participate. The contest begins Friday, December 9th, 2005. All people who are willing to participate must submit their works of art to Zikku (Tess) by December 30th, 2005. Winners will be announced January 1st, 2006.

How to Submit
There are more than just one way to submit your drawing.
-You can e-mail it to me through hotmail. My account is Zikku_the_wolf_8826@hotmail.com.
-You can attach it to a private message through your me.com account. Mine is www.me.com/Zikku
-You can post it to a photo bucket [ www.photobucket.com ] and send me the link.
-You can send it to me through msn messenger. My address is Zikku_the_wolf_8826@hotmail.com
-You can post it to image shack [[url] www.imageshack.us[/url] ] and send me the first link for the website.

Important Dates
Begins - Dec. 9, 2005
Ends - Dec. 30, 2005
Winners Stated - Jan. 1, 2006

The drawing must have a theme, whether it is Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or New Years. If you do not like any of those topics, then make one that has to deal with any winter season, or just winter itself. Coloured pictures are permitted, along with black and whites. You may submit more than one(1) drawing, but must not submit more than five(5). Any style of drawing will be allowed. PICTURES WITH NUDITY, SEXUAL ADVERTISMENTS AND/OR PUNS, AND WITH DRUG ENFORCEMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED; THEY WILL BE DELETED, AND THE PERSON WHO HAS SUBMITTED IT WILL BE BANNED FROM ALL FUTURE CONTESTS!

Any person who fails to follow the criteria in bold print will have all of their picture(s) disqualified without notice. If any person who fails to use a topic given above will be warned, and will either have the picture disqualified. They may submit another one, and the disqualified one will NOT count as one of their five(5) submissions.

Thank You For Your Cooperation,
[Contest Conductor]

-Winners will be announced on my website-
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Liliana Spawn

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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Fri 9 Dec 21:27

Oooh! That's cool Very Happy Will you participate? Hey, but I don't understand, we can draw anything who's in relation with winter? ex: euh...Ok, no exemple...
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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Wed 14 Dec 21:54

Um, i am thinking about participating. I'm working on a drawing >.> but it really sux. And Yes, you can draw anything that is related to winter, or any holiday that is during the winter season.

Examples of Themes for your Picture:
-Winter Solstice
-Santa Clause
-Toy Shops
-Snow Covered Mountains
-Ice Skaters
-Ice Sculpting
-Snow Building
-Snow Boarding
-Playing in the Snow
-Car Crashing because Of Ice Twisted Evil

Stuff like that ^^
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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Wed 14 Dec 21:57

lol they all sound so peaceful except for the last... XD
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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Wed 14 Dec 22:23

lol, thank you ^^
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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   Wed 21 Dec 22:42

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PostSubject: Re: XxX_Winter_Drawing_Contest_XxX   

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