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Midnight Fantasies
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Lucia Cr

PostSubject: Furious   Sat 3 Dec ŕ 0:21

Lucia was running by the river, she finished by stop because she was exausted... To exausted...

'' I will kill each one of them! ''

She hit the floor with her hand, and get a bit hurt...

* Damnit! Now its my lucky night... Nothing to eat, nothing to drink... And where is Villius?! *

She sat on a rock and wait... Simply... Looking her hand covered with blood...

'' If only just a little kid.. Or a human could show himself! ''
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PostSubject: Re: Furious   Sat 3 Dec ŕ 3:56

Anara was sitting on a large rock by the side of the river when Lucia showed up. She was enjoying the sight of the river and feeling the soothing energies of the Elements surrounding her. She felt Lucia's aura enter the area and looked around. Lucia was behind a small area of forest. Anara could barely see her, so there was little chance of being noticed.
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