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 The Newspaper Stand

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PostSubject: The Newspaper Stand   Fri 18 Nov ŕ 21:54

Anara walks into the town square with Zikku. She looks around. There were many people heading to work, some of them opening up their stands. The newspaper stand was very noticeable because there were so many people crowded around it.

*I wonder why there are so many people there. Did Bozomu actually attack someone?*

Anara could see that many people looked worried. Some were whispering to each other about an attack in the kid's park.

"Zikku, I think Bozomu did attack someone."
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PostSubject: Re: The Newspaper Stand   Sat 19 Nov ŕ 22:26

Zikku looks around, then slighly smiles. She gets down on all fours, and crawls under and around people's legs to get to the newspaper stand. A few minutes later, Anara sees her crawl back out with a newspaper in her mouth. She stands up, dusts off her pants and shirt, and takes the paper out of her mouth. She unrolls it for Anara to see the front page also.

Zikku scans the front page, it has something about a flock of newcomers coming to Prague. Her eyes down the page and she sees a short heading, "Lycan Reveals Himself; see more on page 6"


Zikku turns to page 6 of the news paper and reads parts of the article out loud.

"Last night was a full moon; and it will last for 2 more nights.... A new lycan haunts Prague... Changed at the astrominal clock... Lycan had 4 vicitims so far. Only two survived. Where will he strick next? Prague is on the look out for lycans everywhere!... Guards have been sent on the hunt..."

Zikku hands Anara the paper.

"I'll be back.... I have to go see something for myself..."

Zikku rushes off to the Mala Stranga Hospital once more.
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The Newspaper Stand
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