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 Alucard The Jackal

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Alucard The Jackal
Imperial Guard Comander

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PostSubject: Alucard The Jackal   Mon 17 Oct 19:35

Last Name: He has no last name but people sometimes call him "The Jackal"

First Name: Alucard

Mental: he thinks killing someone always helps in a problem. He says what he needs to and nothing else. When is comes to trusting someone he does it really bad, he only trusts one person. He will only follow those who have proven themselves to him and no one else.

Physical Apperearence: He is 7'5" and very strong. He always wears his armor so no one knows what he looks like. His armor is black and gold with a very strange helmet that has horns on the back and covers most of his face but leaves his neck exposed, the armor is made of black dragons scale and pure gold. He always wears his red cape and his shield.

Favorite Weapon: His favorite weapon is his silver claymore called "muerte negra" which means Black Death. He often uses his shield as a weapon; he can use any other weapon you give him but prefers his own.

Abilities: He is a genius when it comes to spells and swords (this is because of his years traveling). He is quick for his size and weight. Since he has been traveling for years he as learned many styles of battle. He has learned a way to put his sword a blaze to make it more powerful, he also mastered a way of using his shield as a boomerang.

Distinguishing mark: He has a rune on each hand of a knight of jackal (knights said to have guarded the Egyptian god of death Anubis).

History: He was born in Spain but moved out of his house at the early age of 10. He started out as an adventurer and soon became a bounty hunter. On his travels he learned much from tribes and people. He came across his armor on one of his travels to northern Europe; he had to fight the leader of a tribe and got the armor and shield as a gift for winning. After many years of travel he went back to Spain where he got his claymore from his father who died three weeks after Alucard had visited. Alucard set off two weeks after his fathers death; he soon came across a very strange girl who he started a friendship with. He lost contact with her but heard she was in Prague so he traveled there to find his long lost friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Alucard The Jackal   Mon 17 Oct 20:09

Hi. I like your presentation. Sorry that I haven't been able to respond to your PM... for some reason it doesn't work when I try to respond. Anyways, I'll try to use email instead.

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Villius Valya
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PostSubject: Re: Alucard The Jackal   Mon 17 Oct 20:24

Good presention and welcome here Alucard

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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PostSubject: Re: Alucard The Jackal   Mon 17 Oct 22:21

Nice Story Wink Wlecore Here^^
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PostSubject: Re: Alucard The Jackal   

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Alucard The Jackal
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