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 Our Own Homes

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PostSubject: Our Own Homes   Wed 12 Oct 0:47

Hey, I was just thinking. Whenever you two admins get your banking systems organizes and all, will we be able to buy our own houses on here depending on what we can afford? I think that'd be really nice. Instead of always staying in a hotel or Inn, we could just live in Prague. Maybe own our own property. Kinda like what Villius Vayla has. A little box with his mansion in it, then it has all the rooms inside of it. It's just an idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Own Homes   Wed 12 Oct 0:59

Good Idea i creat A Space For This Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Our Own Homes   Sun 16 Oct 1:05

I think this is a nice idea. We can live in a home together. Wouldn't that be good? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Our Own Homes   Wed 16 Nov 3:20

I agree, I think its a great Idea but you could make it easier on the admins by making a post that has something like "houses" then we can just each buy our houses and post about them there. LOL thats prolly not easy to understand >.< Its not very clear, sorry.

btw your pic is creepy >.< Nozomu
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PostSubject: Re: Our Own Homes   

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Our Own Homes
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