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 Valya Family, Vengence Of The Lord Villius

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Villius Valya
Pure Blood Vampire
Villius Valya

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PostSubject: Valya Family, Vengence Of The Lord Villius   Wed 31 Aug ŗ 8:58

The last pure blood vampire of the Valya family, Villius Valya. His whole family was slain by the vampire slayers but also by the family's wrost enemies... the Lycans. An almighty vampiric family that has slowly only become a legend and soon forgotten. Everyone thought that the Valya family had no more blood to lose.

Then one day, the young Villius Valya, last member of the family woke up. Many years have past since his family was slayed one after the other. With only vengence on his mind, his first words when he woke up were ďRule againĒ . He knew that the leader of the lycans who killed his family was hiding in the city of Prague.

For many years the Lycans ruled over Prague. Unnoticed they were watching every single movement of the people in this city. With no vampire to stop them the only thing they had to do was eliminate every slayer in their path.

To save the honor of his family the lord Villius was ready to do everything. Prague would be his and nothing would stop him... not even death...

The war had just begun, there were many victims already. One night after the other, Vampires and Lycans would fight against each other. The Slayers have learned about these night creatures and they wont let them go.

Years have passed by, the war between them isn't done yet. Villius wants his vengence, the Lycans donít want to lose their place, and the Slayers only want to kill every single Vampire and Lycan...

In Prague, rain isnít always water, blood falls more often than anything else. Even if the Slayers want to keep the secret about the Vampires and the Lycans, every single suspicious death will only make the population more... worried about their safety. When is everything gonna end? Who will rule over Prague? The city has almost become a cemetery.

With only one thing in mind, Villius Valya continues his personal war against the Lycans and the Slayers. He wont sleep again... not before every single Lycan is dead....

An old lost story, they said
The blood line is forever gone, they thought

But what you see isnít always real
What is this strange sensation that you feel
It gives you a chill
Heís here and everyone knows it
The lord Villius Valya isnít gone
They want him, but they arenít alone
Soon the blood will be lost
Soon the silent war might scream
Lycans donít like strangers
The city of Prague wonít sleep anymore
The night will never be the sameÖ

Vampire and lycan slayers have come
But who will truly fight?
Vampires, Lycans, Slayers?
The people of the city
InnocentÖ for now

A story in 1375, when the times were already hard.
Now who will walk the streets in the middle of the night?
Who wants to see the moon at midnight?
You can; itís your own choice
Be careful and listen:
It might be silent,
Always look twice behind you
Because you never know;
You might be the next one

I am watching every single movent that you do. I am here but you can't see me. Vengence is what i am seeking for. Rule again is my goal. Vampires follow me.
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Valya Family, Vengence Of The Lord Villius
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